About Online Tutelage

Hi! CEO Kevin Hall of I Teach Winners LLC here! This page describes how you, your student, and I team up to boost your student’s abilities through online tutoring.

Getting Your Student Scheduled

Using the scheduling and purchasing software on the Sign-Up page, you schedule out your student’s sessions for a tutoring program in one or a couple of the Covered Subjects. When you sign up, links to each tutoring session are generated automatically, and these will be sent to you and your student before each tutoring session.

Steps to Take before Our First Session

Before our first session takes place, you and your student should take the following steps.

  • Your student should have a working laptop with a video camera and basic video-editing software, headphones, a microphone, and a printer.
  • Your student should download the free “Zoom Client for Meetings” software at https://zoom.us/download.
  • Your student should make sure their camera, headphones, and microphone are working with Zoom by starting their own meeting and testing things out.
  • Depending on the tutoring program, your student should send me relevant information, such as recent writing samples.

Doing those four things will ensure that our program starts as dynamically and powerfully as possible.

Starting Tutoring

Our tutoring sessions begin! I’ll share my screen with your student during meetings, so it’ll be just like a whiteboard in a physical school, and I’ll teach your student concepts, skills, approaches, and other tactics that will boost your student’s abilities in their area of study. Further, during our tutoring sessions, I’ll guide your student to develop an independent, entrepreneurial, and optimistic mindset that is absolutely vital in this modern era.

Approximate Tutoring Session Breakdown

Our sessions will follow the below approximate timing breakdown, which is standard to tutoring programs.

We’ll spend 7 initial minutes discussing what your student has experienced since our last session. We build rapport by doing so: tutoring programs with excellent rapport produce excellent results.

Next, we use 46 minutes for 1 hour sessions or 76 minutes for 1.5 hour sessions for intensive, subject-specific work, wherein we focus on building your student’s concept knowledge.

Finally, we take 7 minutes to strategize the type of work your student can complete between our sessions based on their subject-specific needs and upcoming schedule. We summarize your student’s current status and restate your student’s goals.

Between Tutoring Sessions

I’ll recommend developmental exercises for your student to complete between our tutoring sessions.

The Big Day

By using all the concepts, skills, approaches, states of mind, and other tactics that we worked on together and that your student internalized, your student capitalizes and achieves what they sought to achieve!

Don’t Leave Me Hangin’!

You and your student rant and rave like a couple o’ kooks to family and friends about I Teach Winners LLC, and the virtuous cycle repeats with my teaching a new student whom you gave the inside scoop about I Teach Winners LLC’s incredible services!  🙂


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