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How to Imply Meaning

This video explains how to imply meaning in speech, writing, and elsewhere via ideas you deliberately choose to connect.

We first discuss some basic, helpful examples of how to imply meaning, such as “implied speech acts” and sarcasm.

Next, we discuss another word for implying meaning below what is literally stated or written: “subtext.” We cover examples of subtext in dialogue between imaginary people. You’ll gain insights on how to notice, how to use, and how to write implications. From these examinations, we reach a sort of formula for creating implications.

Finally, to test our formula in a different context, we turn to yet another word for implying meaning: “foreshadowing.” How does foreshadowing work? It gives a bit of definition to an implied main idea before that main idea actually appears…

Prepare for some interesting and useful ideas and, as usual, some laughs! Ready yourself to be able to think on a deeper level about that which is somehow being said without actually being said…

* * *

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