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Thank you so much for the ideas and inspiration. I understand that it’s the prime moment to capitalize on leadership opportunities […] and that there’s growing need for people to step up. I plan to find some way to help others by serving […] Thank you for emphasizing direction and warning against the effects of hopeless nihilism. You’re truly passionate about imb[u]ing those values […] and don’t worry, that has not gone unheard.

Anish C. — sent via email

Helloooo Kevin!! How are you?? Thank you so much for your feedback, I have been reading the Old Man and the Sea and WOWOWOWO I really love it, it is awesome. Thank you so much for the amazing opportunity of learning beyond literature. You are an amazing person. I will take into account of all your feed back to improve my reading and writing skills. […] Thank you for your help. I highly respect you and admire you.

Maria Alejandra C. — sent via messaging app

I just wanted to say thank you so much for all of your help. All of the tips and tricks you taught me were invaluable […] I loved the way that you taught the topics in an engaging and relatable way especially when they were somewhat abstract in concept[.]

Linus S. — sent via email

I wanted to update you because you were so helpful to me these past few months. I got into 18 out of the 22 schools I applied to and I committed to [redacted]. Im on a PreMed track majoring in Biology and I got a scholarship to cover the cost. Again thank you soo much for encouraging me to strive for the best despite my down moments.

Najah A. — sent via email

Kevin I cannot thank you enough for helping me achieve this. You helped me so much I’m so grateful to have had you for a tutor. Thanks again!

Joe M. — sent via email
ReviewStudent, or Parent on behalf of Student
Kevin is awesome and a great tutor, and he really helps a lot!Will T.
Kevin was excellent with my ADHD[-]having daughter! He was patient and relaxed and helped her take her confidence to another level.Quinn O.
Overall great guy, nice and always helpfulSkyler B.
He is AMAZINGMalique R.
Kevin is extremely knowledgeable and has a great rapport with teens.John H.
Helpful, encouraging, extremely knowledgeable about all the subjects, and very friendly are some of the words I’d use to describe Kevin.Brad R.
Kevin is amazing. My son loves working with him.Victor A.
Kevin is a great tutor. He is encouraging and helps me focus. He explains concepts in ways I understand.Jack T.
Kevin is awesome. Always asks about whats going on in my life before every session. He’s super kind and funny and available.Joseph M.
Kevin is a great man. He is funny and helpful. He is also very understanding. He knows how to have fun but also be serious at times. We have many laughs throughout our sessions.Kailey G.
Amazing tutor! He keeps track of your progress and plans an adequate session for the developing of your studies.William S.
Super fun teacherAlex S.
Great dude, very charismatic.Daniel B.
Great teacher, is really dedicated to his students, and really helps you learn. the only thing would be that more breaks during the session would be nice and that’s it.Sara Z.
Yes he is amazing. He does a great job of getting students engaged and is always encouraging whenever we mess up.Pierce N.
Kevin is an incredibly awesome person which makes him the best tutor Ive ever had. He finds a way to incorporate your personality and style of learning to lead you to academic prosperity.Najah A.
Very helpful and informative!Alexandra C.
He always has a smile on his face and is willing to help students reach their fullest potential. An Amazing tutor!Aadithya R.