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  • How to Write a Personal Statement for College
    Are you wondering how to write a personal statement for college? Together we’ll transform your personal statement from a ghastly task into a lively declaration. I’ll show you how to approach your personal statement specifically and your writing generally. As a top college essay tutor, I’m offering this personal statement help absolutely free. If you […]
  • College Personal Statement Examples? No Need!
    Are you about to scour the internet for the best college personal statement examples? Don’t waste your time: my video and article give you exactly what you’re looking for in the first place! What you really want to know is how to identify the 6 recurring prompt types and how to respond to each one […]
  • What Is a Personal Statement for College?
    Are you asking yourself, “What is a personal statement for college?” As a top college essay tutor, I just might be able to answer that question for you. Personal statement writing is a big deal. In fact, it’s such a big deal that it can and will have dramatic effects on the rest of your […]
  • Handling College Board SAT Cancellations
    Many students are facing College Board SAT cancellations because their local testing centers have decided to remain closed in reaction to the ongoing crisis. If you feel dismayed because you’re facing such an SAT test cancellation—or if you feel anxious while you keep refreshing your search that asks, “Are the SATs cancelled?”—this video will help […]
  • How to Imply Meaning
    This video explains how to imply meaning in speech, writing, and elsewhere via ideas you deliberately choose to connect. We first discuss some basic, helpful examples of how to imply meaning, such as “implied speech acts” and sarcasm. Next, we discuss another word for implying meaning below what is literally stated or written: “subtext.” We […]
  • Mental Health in a Pandemic
    Mental health in a pandemic can sometimes seem like an impossibility. For one thing, your sense of normalcy has been deeply disturbed by forces that are completely out of your control. Your way of life has been jostled, if not uprooted, and your tomorrows might start seeming increasingly bleak. Can you uphold your mental health […]